23. Canada. Good Time Enthusiast.

 Hi Everyone.

My name is Xandria, and I am the writer behind this blog. I feel like about sections can get pretty boring pretty fast so here are 10 quick (but weird) facts about ME. WOOP WOOP.

  1. I love hardwood floors
  2. I once spent New Years day in 3 different continents
  3. I put milk before my cereal. I know, shocking.
  4. I had a jaw surgery.
  5. I’ve been called an “easily excitable person” a “55 year old dad, because your jokes are so bad” and my favourite by far “a 70’s soul”
  6. I love salt and vinegar OR dill pickle flavouring on popcorn.
  7. My birthday is on Christmas Day
  8. I once cried during those TERRIBLY HEARTWARMING, AND WHOLESOME Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials.
  9. I have made it up the stairs, and through the front door of Abby Road Studios.
  10. I have serious trouble saying the word “drawer”